Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Buenos Aires I love you more than ever

Buenos Aires is such an incredibly beautiful city especially in spring when the colours are so vibrant.

These are some of my favourite fotos 90 percent taken by myself on my travels thru this most incredible city


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have fled Bush's America, landing in the hands of Kirchner's America (South America - specifically Argentina). Do you think it is less corrupt here? As for the real estate prices in Argentina, they're low for YOU - not for local people who earn pathetic salaries in pesos and buy in increasingly inflated dollars! Don't get me wrong - I can't stand Bush either but I've lived here for a decade and I know the truth. Life is a hell of a lot harder for Argentines than it is for US citizens, economic freedom is highly restricted, social services grossly inadequate (take a look at the 3rd world pension and education systems) and social attitudes often retrograde with anti semitism widely accepted. Add to this the authoritarian Kirchner regime that has violated constitutional freedoms and suppressed the press. Yes, Argentina can be a "fun" place if you have US dollars (obtained in the good old capitalist USA) but not so fun for those who have to make it on their own, on local terms.

2:00 AM

Blogger miss cupcake said...

I love that photo with the Jacaranda trees in a row, such lovely colours. All the Spring colours, including the light, are just so uplifting. Thanks for capturing them ;-)

5:02 AM

Blogger greekinargentina said...

anonymous i do agree with you about many things you said.
I certainly do not have rose coloured glasses when I travel around argentina.
There are a lot of problems here socially and politically. Certainly there is a lot of rascism in Buenos Aires and some of that is also directed to so called rich foreigners.

I find your remark about real estate very misinformed as if Buenos Aires attracts me for its cheaper real estate.There are 100s of cities that have much more cheaper real estate without all the commissions and extra charges paid to argentines.

And your comment about argentina being a fun place for people with dollars I find that very insulting as it certainly aint a cheap place to live in many ways it is dearer than mosy countries i know.

I find that comment from argentines the most ridiculous as when the peso was worth one to one they were the first race to travel out of argentina and flaunt their dollars especially in miami where i lived.

I suggest that you will stay anonymous as you are as cowardly as most argentine rascists hiding behind a huge rock

8:09 AM

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12:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are so upset. Also sorry that I am a coward because I disagree with you and have not signed in with a made up name! My comment about prices was in response to something that you had written. I am surprised that you think this city is dear. What other major capital has such low prices both in terms of property and general cost of living? My main purpose in "congratulating" you was to call attention to the irony of "fleeing" Bush's America by coming here. Authoritarian government, widespread corruption, very inadequate education, appalling teacher salaries, miserable to non existent social services, unlivable pensions, lack of judicial security, racism, anti-semitism etc. are all part of the fabric of every day life. For these reasons it seems a strange haven from Bush's America.

4:56 PM

Blogger greekinargentina said...

To the anonymous comment every society has many problems and certainly i do not condone any form of social inequalities.

To say Buenos Aires is so so cheap is a gross insult to your fellow argentine citizens,

What is cheap about Buenos Aires ?

The rents are overinflated most canned foods and all electronic items are more expensive than most capital cities in comparison to wages.

On one hand you say that Buenos Aires is very difficult to live in with its low wages and bad social services and than you say that Argentina is very very cheap to live in meaning that all people living here earn american dollars.

Please make up your mind

To judge a city in terms of american dollars is a ridiculuos distortion of hours worked to products brought.

As i have said before I earn pesos only and for me I have to work many many more hours to have the luxuries of having restaurant meals or buying good quality products in Argentine.

I beleive if you have any intelligence at all you would read my blog with casual flair and do not take so seriously minor comments.

11:01 AM

Blogger miss cupcake said...

I would just like to say a few words about the poor standard of social services and education as raised by Anonymous:

A few days ago the city's finance secretary had to resign because he announced a budget deficit which was essentially a plan for public spending partly financed by borrowings.

First of all, two famous journalists on the radio had not the intelligence or financial knowledge (which all should have been part of their job to know)to realise it was just a simple exercise of macroeconomics used by governments - costs of borrowing being cheaper than the social benefits and growth that such borrowing would generate through public spending in social services, education and public infrastructures. They broadcast to the public their gross error "deficit plus debt" instead of the truth that the decifit was partly made up of debt to fund improvements which would lead to long term growth of this country!

Even more ridiculously, Macri's spokemen also couldn't make head or foot of this text-book expansionist budget; they criticised the budget based on their ignorance of simple macro-economic principles. And this bunch of idiots is the opposition party of this country!

Most alarmingly, this finance secretary is to be replaced by someone who promises a "no-deficit" budget.

All of the above is why this country is the way it is - don't blame the expats or the dollar or whatever for the misery of the people; blame those who casts their votes to elect all these morons, blame the culture which nurture kids to become corrupt and ignorant adults - you would find it goes back in a circle - the people themselves are to blame.

12:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argentina...Of course I meant that BA is generally cheap for expats from 1st world countries. It is not cheap for Argentines who earn low salaries (the vast majority). Yes, electornics are expensive due to heavy taxes - this is characteristic of 3rd world countries. And items like canned food can be expensive because they are not as popular here as in North America. Convenience food is a luxury enjoyed by people in affluent societies. Raw goods - vegetables, fruit and other staples etc. are quite inexpensive by international standards. Housing is cheap if you have dollars and expensive if you have to work in pesos to buy. That is obvious. Why are you attacking me? The purpose of my original comment was to comment on the irony of leaving "Bush's America" (by this I inferred a criticism of Bush and his values) for Kirchner's Argentina. All things considered, this is a far more unjust society with infinitely less opportunity. You may be temporarily living on the local economy but you don't HAVE to and I suspect you will eventually pack up and head back to the US or wherever to seek a more comfortable life with a lot more $. Few Argentines have that freedom!

3:22 PM

Blogger greekinargentina said...

Your last comment about dollars proves how superficial you are.

I choose to live in argentina because i enjoy it for other reasons and dollars is not one of them.

Life is not about working 100 hours a week living in a society where you dont agree with its values

Overall i am happy living in argentina that is my choice and mine alone

6:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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