Saturday, November 11, 2006

Motociclistas en palermo soho

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Some facts about living in Buenos Aires and dont beleive the hype that is is a cheap city to live in,

The biggest myth I hear in the blogger world is that Buenos Aires is a cheap city to live long term for foreigners.

If you go by basic living expenses there are very little bargains here.

For example by far your biggest expense will be rent in Buenos aires and if you come here thinking that you will find a apartment for around 300 dollars a month you will be very disapointed.

You will be very lucky to find an apartment for under 600 dollars a month in any decent area and share accomodation is nearly impossible to find.

And as for buying properties in Buenos Aires prices are now around 2000 to 2500 a square metre in most of the northern areas from recoleta to belgrano.

Argentines like to blame foreigners for putting up the prices of properties but according to the real estate institute of argentina over 85 percent of all real estate purchases in argentina are by argentine nationals.

There seems to be a negative impression blaming foreigners for all argentine woes when the fault very clearly lies in argentine society itself which has always favoured the higher classes.

The economic boom of the last 5 years has very clearly benefited them and the wealthy of argentina are richer than ever before and the economic crash of 5 years ago made many of them 3 times wealthier overnight.

With their great buying power they brought up as much cheap real estate they could lay their hands on and now they are laughing all the way to the bank.

I find it strange when argentine people tell me I am here because its cheap . Nothing could be further from the truth I am hear for many reasons monetary reasons do not have any impact on me .

To live long term as a foreigner be prepared for a lot of sacrifices . If you do not have decent capital to start your own business you will find the going very tough here . If you are a foreign traveller to argentina I suggest that you do visit as its the most incredibly beautiful country but be aware that your trip will be much more expensive than you probably planned on.

Good hotels are nearly as dear as european prices . Internal air travel is much much dearer than europe . Restaurants are cheaper in the main but certainly they are not the bargain that you might beleive.

Buenos aires is certainly worth a visit and you will be enchanted just be prepared to have enough money in store for your trip

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Buenos Aires I love you more than ever

Buenos Aires is such an incredibly beautiful city especially in spring when the colours are so vibrant.

These are some of my favourite fotos 90 percent taken by myself on my travels thru this most incredible city